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Choose the Champs Details

How to Play

Each week mychoice members get a chance to make a pro football choice for the upcoming Sunday game. Get another pick by earning an additional 500 tier points each week.

Top 50 guests with the most correct picks get up to $500 in mycash.

Weekly selections can be made by visiting any promotional kiosk beginning at 6am every Monday through 11:59pm every Friday. 

The prize amount will be loaded on to the guest account before 11:59pm on Wednesday following the prior Sunday's game.

(See Player Services for further details)

Weekly Prize Structure:

1st - $500 mycash & Entry into Big Game Suitcase Event

2nd  - $250 mycash

3rd  - $100 mycash

4th - 50th - $15 mycash

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Choose the Champs Winners

Tableizer using
Name Account # Prize Won
Debra W. I9000121047 $500
Briteannice H. I9000045116 $250
Roxane M. IX104421373 $100
Jeffrey K. IX101315524 $15
Tonya C. IX101520986 $15
Willie C. IX101604646 $15
Mary B. I9000096630 $15
Nichole F. IX101808744 $15
Lowanda W. A5051230009 $15
Richard W. IX101498805 $15
Sheila R. I9000247652 $15
Gregory R. I9000247094 $15
Jessica D. IX101856309 $15
Lavonte W. IX103855212 $15
Leshard W. IX104498590 $15
Joshua A. IX101672180 $15
Richard R. IX103946422 $15
Matthew B. I9000441908 $15
Mary S. IX101813942 $15
Arnold G. IX101379459 $15
Holly B. I9000606509 $15
Frankie C. IX101390373 $15
Jordan F. IX101762767 $15
Kirk H. IX101795169 $15
Mark H. IV001768679 $15
Geri H. IX101346435 $15
Andrea P. IX101086884 $15
Andrew B. IX101509354 $15
Michael B. IX101065105 $15
Laveeta C. I9000492609 $15
Kenneth S. IX101694555 $15
Glen S. IX101976140 $15
Ernest A. IX101402578 $15
Kim O. I9000123254 $15
Peter O. IX101342780 $15
Gregory A. IX100501525 $15
Veronica G. I9000108117 $15
Bianca B. IX101819037 $15
James D. IX103490043 $15
Adele R. H3002115368 $15
Colleen P. IX101530906 $15
Clinton E. IX101388272 $15
Shemnia H. IX101494938 $15
Katherine M. IX101440603 $15
Antoine J. IX101785256 $15
Richard M. P5000087460 $15
Renee L. IX101278400 $15
Robert S. IX101079191 $15
Eric W. I9000226738 $15
Angela W. IX101067499 $15