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$500,000 Survivor Football Pool

Last Surviving Entry Wins the Contest Pool current prize pool : $39,500 

Get in on this season’s pro football action like never before! Register for The Sportsbook Battle Season III at Hollywood Casino at Greektown Sportsbook and you could win $500,000!*

Here’s how:

$500 to enter — Select a different pro football winner each contest week to advance.
19 total contest weeks. Thanksgiving is its own contest week.

$500K Bonus Prize — Go undefeated (19-0) for the season and score a bonus prize of $500,000!

No Rake! — All entry fees go towards the contest pool.

EARLY Registration: August 1 - August 20 use cash or PENN cash to registar and earn a $50 PENN cash bonus during early registration dates..

Submit your weekly selections in person at The Sportsbook. the selection window is from 10AM on Wednesday to 8PM on Friday for that contest week. Thanksgiving Day’s selection window closes Wednesday at 10PM.

*$500 to enter. All entry fees go towards contest prize pool. Limit five (5) entries per participant. Limited spots available.  The prize pool will be split evenly amongst winners in the case of multiple winners at the end of the contest.

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weekly survivor list

Survivor Pool Winner!!

We have a Survivor Pool winner after 3 entries lost with Detroit on 11/23/23 (our winner selected Green Bay). WFL is the official winner of our Survivor Pool at Hollywood Casino at Greektown! Details and photos to come!